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Harvey Charyn

618 Bellmore Ave

East Meadow NY 11554

(516) 538-7490

FAX  538-7490

Contract/ Letter Of Engagement


On This _____Day Of____________, 20____________    The undersigned ,___________


_____________ Hereby agrees to employ the services of Private Investigator Harvey Charyn.

It is agreed and understood that the undersigned shall be responsible for compensating said


Investigator at the rate of________________________ plus any and all expenses incurred during the course of this investigation. If it should become necessary to assign additional operatives to assist , an


Additional ______________ per hour per operative will be payable. The cost of any data base

 searches will vary on the type and number of searches. Any expert witness court testimony will be


 paid at a flat rate of___________ . It is further agreed that a retainer /deposit of


________________ will be paid to initiate this investigation.  Should the undersigned decide to terminate the services of the investigator prior to the completion of said investigation, all fees and

expenses are due. In the event of default in payment of any balance due, the undersigned agrees to pay all costs of collection including attorney’s fees and court costs. The undersigned  and all heirs,

beneficiaries, devisees, legatees and administrators of the undersigned further hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless Private Investigator Harvey Charyn or any of his agents or operatives

from any and all actions, causes of action, claims, damages and demands of whatever type arising directly or indirectly from the investigation which the undersigned requested.  The undersigned agrees to pay a (2%) late charge per month on any fees after the 30 day grace period beginning upon receipt of my invoice.

PURPOSE OF THIS INVESTIGATION: In your own words please indicate the purpose of this investigation:



The undersigned has read, agrees to, and fully understands the terms of this contract.